About Us

The LAVSENSAY brand was founded in 2018 by the artist-designer Tamara Mgaloblishvili.

After graduating from the Moscow University of Textile Industry in 2002, Tamara combined her interest in fashion, painting and applied art, continuing to experiment with different materials and colors.

“I have always liked to transform things, make them better, more attractive, it could be interior items, apartment walls or clothes. For a long time I was looking for an idea that would reflect my vision of the aesthetics of individuality. Once a friend gave me her leather gloves, and after a while I made a completely new and very fashionable accessory out of them. This is how the glove idea was born. "Each drawing on the glove, be it an abstraction or a figurative image, is an author's work, hand-painted by the artist.In addition to gloves, the site contains clothing and accessories made in collaboration with other brands and designers.And also here are the clothes and accessories of talented designers from Georgia, who are friends of the LAVSENSAY brand.